Following his dads’ footsteps, Taylor comes alive in the outdoors and is fueled by challenge. He loves skiing and climbing. Recently, he was certified as an Outdoor Emergency Services Technician, and is well on his way to becoming a National Alpine Ski Patrolman.

Jeri Lynn

Jeri Lynn loves living lifes adventures with her family. She is Ryan’s wife, and the momma to five beautiful kids. Life is ever changing in her world. She dedicates herself to searching out the purpose in lifes’ twists and turns, encouraging her family to do the same. There is a lesson to be learned through every trial.

Ryan Owen

Ryan is a retired combat veteran. After a career in service to our country, he is now dedicating himself to his family, leading them to discover purpose and direction for the future. He is an outdoor enthusiast, who has always found solice in the green lumpy places.

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