There are some days when life on the trail seems just so normal that the camera doesn’t come out often.  There were some views that were incredible… Breathtaking beautiful!

Signal is so in and out up here.  Our stove quit working right, so we had to make some phone calls to get another one on its way… I checked my phone frequently and when I finally had signal, I sat on a log to chat with REI.  Just as I was finishing the phone call, our friends Checklist and Trail Name (aka the Grahams) came hiking past.  It was awesome to see them again.  We chatted for a few minutes, and they were off to Max Patch.

We didn’t hike many miles, just under five actually.  The kids, as usual hiked ahead of us. Ryan and I arrived to camp, the tents were already set up.  

Some have questioned if this is really a smart idea for our kids to be our here.  Their thoughts have been focused on the physical demand on each of their bodies as they carry the heavy packs and hike the long miles.  They FLY on these mountains!  It is amazing how strong they are… And they feel no pain the next day!  SERIOUSLY?  Ryan and I have to take ibuprophen every night before bed.  

OK, back to the day.  We made dinner and built a fire.  We had a really deep conversation about our futures.  It was hard to hear the boys recount the feelings they have about not feeling they really fit anywhere… Really.  They have friends and family, but our life had been so transient that deep roots have never really been established.  The conversation lasted for a few hours.  I’m sure we could each write really long posts about how each of us felt and what each of us took away from the conversation.  

The greatest take away, though, is that we need to have many more of these conversations.  We assumed that when we came out here we would just talk and talk and talk.  We assumed that we wouldn’t have any interruptions in our day.  The reality is that wether you are home or on the trail, time still ticks by.  Nothing worth having or doing happens without being intentional, and we are learning how to be more intentional with our time with each passing day.

Hey Little Stars:  are these the flowers you read about?  Flowers are blooming everywhere!

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