The morning started at Deep Gap with a text message from Checklist…Trail magic was 3 miles ahead…and there was BACON!!! We packed in record time, and released our children to make it to the gap, where the trail magic was awaiting our tribe of carnivores!  Bacon is an excellent motivator.  The kids hiked 2.8 miles in an hour! 

Unfortunately, the bacon was all gone, but there was still plenty of food for breakfast.  Jeri Lynn enjoyed at least half of a pineapple. 

It is hard to describe how much satisfaction there was in our arrival on the summit of Max Patch. We’ve been hearing about the unique and stunning views that literally surrounded us on every side.  We’ve been hiking through the trees, so our views are often limited.  Max Patch is a huge field on the top of a mountain.  It is absolutely stunning.  Most of us agree that Max Patch has been the most memorable we have experienced thus far.

Upon arriving at the summit, we were surprised at the number of people spending their Easter afternoon there.  We even witnessed a mountain top proposal… it was fun to watch the two as they took in the moment and scenery.  And then there was trail magic!  

Sprawling out on the soft earth, we visited with the trail angels.  They were so kind to think of hikers on Easter.  Knowing our families were gathering together, and missing them, it was nice to be with others.

Ahhhh… Finally! Seriously, can you handle that beauty?  On this Easter Sunday, all of creation was singing His praise! 

After leaving Max Patch, we headed off the mountain. We decided not to go too much further, so we stopped 2 miles further down the trail.  We arrived at Roaring Fork Shelter, and it was empty.  We decided to let the kids sleep in the shelter for the night.  We don’t usually sleep in the shelters, but figured that this would be a special treat of sorts.  Sleeping in the shelter means there was no need to set up tents.  We rolled out our pads onto the wooden floor, and spent the rest of the day playing cards, soaking our feet in the river, making dinner, and relaxing with other hikers. 

Roaring Forks Shelter

Papa G have the kids another Taichi lesson.  He is really so much fun!!! And he is a great teacher!!!

Though we all missed our family and friends, we had a beautiful day.  In our hearts, we celebrated our risen Savior.  He said that he came so that we might have life and have it abundantly… We were blessed to be able to fully enjoy all that God has created out here in the trail, and to be reminded of the redeeming grace he had lavished upon each of us.

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