There is nothing like the smell of bacon in the morning.  After getting an amazing night of sleep in comfy beds, we climbed out of bed and made our way downstairs.  Jamie was up preparing a most epic feast for breakfast.  Grilled muffins, sausage and egg hash brown casserole, bacon, English muffins… Yum!!!

After breakfast, we sorted through our resupply boxes and packed our packs.  

We had such a great morning.  This family is so amazing!  We talked about everything from the movie, Deliverance, that was filmed in their town, to our stories about struggles to find a place to call home where church is concerned.  Real conversation, face to face with real people!  

We decided it was finally time to get going. We managed to get all of us into one picture… Nice butt Belle!

On our way back to the trail we stopped at a local creamery for ice-cream… Delicious!  

Thank you so much Jamie, and family.  We hope to see you all again soon!

Then it was back to the trail we went! We started at 3:00, and managed to hike seven miles, set up tents, make dinner, eat, and bed down by 9:15!  I think we are finding our trail groove!

Sweet dreams, and Happy Trails! ~the Thru Crew 

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