We all have had such a great time, but the time has been too short.  We woke up, made breakfast, and had to start packing up again. 🙁

We managed to squeeze all of us into a photo in front of the beautiful fire place.  I think we could have used a week at the cabin, but back to the trail and our real lives we go.  

Ryan drove the truck down the mountain, again through the crazy switch backs.  We made it safely down that wild mountain, and back into Hot Springs. 

After showing my mom around and saying our farewells, we headed down to the Hiker Fest in town. 

We listened to some music, relaxed on some lazy swinging chairs, and watched the boys compete in an ice cream eating contest. 

They didn’t win, but they sure had fun.  After the contest was over, we headed back down to the Hiker Ridge and met Freddie.  He is such a sweet and generous man.  When we asked him why he does what he does, he said, “My one word answer, Jesus.”  He gets something that many don’t.  He simply wants to give what he has to love those who need to be loved.  He has adopted children, he started this little place where hikers can come and simply be loved, with no expectations for anything in return.  It is beautiful.  

He whispered in Zoeys ear, and told her to tell us that dinner was on him if we wanted to go to the Diner for dinner.  His love for Jesus is contagious… just look at the smile on his face and the joy and peace in his eyes.

Maybe one day we will be able to love other hikers the way that he loves!

We headed down to the Diner for dinner… it was so good!!!  Our waitress, whose name I think was Jessica, was so friendly!!! 

We headed back to the Hostel, and joined in on the karaoke, again!

Ryan decided he would rather be a giraffe for a little bit.  Zoey was a backup singer to a Simon and Garfunkle song, Kole sang a duet with Little Foot, Taylor and Zoey sang “Shake It Off” together… Ryan now owes Taylor a travelers guitar, because he sang the song with Zoey… shirtless.  Ryan and I sang a song… and we all had a blast!  

To make the night perfect, we were able to spend some time getting to know Kanga, Roo and Sherpa.  This is a sweet family of three… Roo is 13 months old, traveling the AT in a back carrier on her mommas back.  They have already hiked over 400 miles.  They are such a great little family!!!  We will tell you more about them in our next post. 

We slept in our tents this night… and it was RAINY RAINY!!!  But our tents held up well in the torrential down pour.  We are loving all of the crazy twists and turns of this journey. 

~ Happy Trails, The Thru Crew.

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