You know what?  We woke up to rain, AGAIN!  Spring as been insanely wet down here.  At least it seems like it to us!  When we got out of the tents, Riley realized that he did not have his rain coat. What?!?!?  It is raining, and NO rain coat.  I knew exactly where it had been… hanging behind the door of the bunk room at Laughing Heart.  Ryan called Jeff to see if it was still there.  We are so thankful that it was still there.  Jeff asked us how long we thought that it would be until we would get to Allen Gap.  We were three miles up the mountain, so we told him that we thought we would be there at 10:15.  On our way down, I text him and asked him if he would bring me a Diet Coke… 

Wanna know what happened?  We hiked those three miles, and arrived at the parking lot of Moms Store.  Jeff showed up with the jacket, and BREAKFAST!  

He brought us breakfast sandwiches and gatorade.  Such a welcomed treat after waking up in the rain, which had tapered of by the time we reached the gap. 

We met a great group of hikers, enjoyed a little break and hiked on.

The views were beautiful, and the hike was not too bad.  We are getting better at pacing ourselves.  Our legs and our lungs are getting stronger.  

We stopped at Little Laurel Shelter for lunch.  We knew we would be arriving at the tent site as the sun was setting so we decided to make a hot lunch, and eat a lunch meal for dinner.  Well, that didn’t go exactly as planned because as I was preparing the potato soup, the entire pot of boiling water tipped and spilled all over Taylor’s chest.  It was a scary moment.  I felt horrible about it, but Ryan quickly got the shirt off Taylor and placed the frigid stream water on the burn.  We are so thankful that he was not hurt badly.  Our lunch ended up consisting of Luna Bars and Snickers.

We hiked just under 16 miles.  The sunset was beautiful!

We came into camp under headlamp, passing  the 300 mile mark just before arriving at Jerry’s Cabin Shelter.  

We quickly passed out dinner, hung the bear bags, and climbed into our sleeping bags, and fell asleep.

From rainy weather to a beautiful sunset, hunger to full bellies, fear to relief… It was a day of great contradictions.  Each of these things teaching us what it means to be content in all situations.

Happy Trails ~The Thru Crew 

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