And just like that, another 12 miles done!  Be so glad that you cannot smell us, because we sink SO badly!

We didn’t get to camp last night until about sunset, so after dinner we decided to just through the dirty dishes into a bag and hang out in a tree, which of course meant doing dishes first thing this morning.  We woke up at about 8am to a gloriously sunny day!

It would have been nice to just lounge around, basking in the sunshine but that just wasn’t on the agenda.

Ryan and I went to do the dishes down by the river.  We also filtered water for the water bottles.  There are many things I will look back on with fondness when we are home, like sleeping in a tent under the stars.  I will never wish that I had to filter water and I will never rest my bum on a clean toilet and wish that I could use a privy or squat to pee in the woods.  I may be uncertain about many things, but if those two things I am absolutely sure of!

It took us all too long to set out from camp this morning.  I think we started hiking at 11:30.  Today was a meat grinder kind of day… Miles and miles of never ending up hill climbing.  It was warm, and we are not used to the heat so we had to stop often.  

Just as we were discussing lunch, we were met by trail angels and their magic!!!  Arby’s sandwiches and plenty of other snacks were waiting for us!  It was fantastic!

After lunch we started another uphill climb.  It seemed to go on forever!  Along the way, signs of spring appeared.  Flowers!

There are also many beautiful views along the way!

Our friend, Jamie, let us know that a real storm is coming through, so we decided to beat get and get in some miles today, so that tomorrow we can arrive at the Nantahala Outdoor Center early afternoon.  We booked beds to stay in as well.  

We really wanted to make it farther than we did, but darkness fell quickly.  We managed to get the tents up in the darkness without issue.  It was awesome! 

Pay for us…. Monday we hike in rain and thunderstorms, with much of the territory downhill.  Please pray we don’t have any injuries!

*** I have tried to integrate sorry videos into these posts, but have not been able to.  Videos will be posted to Facebook, so don’t forget to check out the Facebook page as well.

Have an awesome day!

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