Realiazation and the things I have enjoyed

Realiazation and the things I have enjoyed

When we started at Amicalola Falls, I was excited and a little bit nervous.  Quickly, I realized all the things I once gave no notice to, I find really interesting, like the weather channel a faucet, or even the wonders of a toilet. And you have to slllloooowwww ddddooowwwwnn, realize that your life and the trail are not races. One of are friends Mrs. Janet told us “you can not spend the entire time looking at your feet, look up, take pictures, have fun, who cares how many miles somebody else is doing, hike your own hike.”

There are many notable things about the trail. My favorite would probably be the people.  There has been so much support and help.  Just being able to talk with people has been cool, and they have no care of what people think about them. 

My favorite person I have encountered is Mrs. Janet, her car is AWESOME!!!! She knows everything about the trail and has hiked and section hiked the trail at least twice. She has about a BJILLION bumper stikers, and she knows alot of riddles. LOVE YA MISS JANET!

-Riley M. Owen : )

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