We woke up early this morning at 6:30, and packed our packs again.  Maybe one day it will feel less chaotic, but right now it is crazy!!!  

We ate an amazing breakfast at the Hiker Hostel, finished packing, loaded our packs into the van… All except Ryan.  The water bladder wasn’t sealed right, so when he picked it up his pack  the water went everywhere!!! So thankful for dry sacks!!! Ryan’s sleeping bag is totally dry!  Finally we got on the road!

We stopped at the post office and picked up Belle’s food!!! Thank you TurboPUP!!!

After many crazy looks and well wishes, we set off on the trail from Amicalola Falls!  600+ steps… Enough said!!!  It has been a hard day, but we accomplished our goal, and put up our tents at 4.4 miles into the trail!  We took a nap!!!  Yeah!!!

We’ve met some really amazing people already!  Right now Ryan is talking with two other vets, and a guy who went to school in NH and helped design a veteran reintegration program, how cool is that?

The kids are doing amazing… And now it’s time for bed!!! Sweet dreams 

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