We are all strings. Each of us has our own tune, our own voice, an audible and visible stamp we leave on the world with every action we take. As Newton explained, each of these actions causes something else, a reaction, a consequence. 

   A team is a grouping of strings, a section of the orchestra. A teams purpose is to effectively sound or reach certain notes or goals. My family and I are like a seven string guitar, but like many others, we have been out of tune for a long time. A guitar is an easily fouled instrument, humidity, cold, jolts, and other obstacles can very quickly through the strings out of tune. I won’t bother to repeat all of our obstacles, but suffice to say we have had our fair share. We have been thrown out of tune. 

   I have been thrown out of tune. In the broad scope of things, I am my own string, I am responsible for holding fast, and staying in tune with what my Maker has commanded of me. I have caved to the heat. I let myself go slack, and I have fallen out of tune with his plan.  The heat proved to much for my strength alone, I survived, but only because He allowed it. I’ve been shown I’m not capable of such a herculan task, that I need His help. 

   All of us fall in and out of tune, it’s not all our faults per say, that is what it is to be human. But to be good, to be righteous, to be in tune, we all have to fight our more base nature and prove strong, not with our strength alone, at least not for me, but also with His. 

   This trail is putting me and my family back in tune. It is showing us where we lack, who has gone slack, or even too tight. It is putting me back in tune with my God. He is showing me where I have gone slack, or too tight. He is teaching me where and how to let go, or tighten. 

  My desire and hope is that soon we will all be back in complete harmony. An effective instrument, one worth of being wielded by an incredible artist. We make improvements everyday, but we still have a ways to go. We always will, but in the struggle lies the music. Through the journey, we are bringing harmony. 

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