What drives or convicts a common citizen to voluntarily and sacrificially give everything for other’s that they don’t know? Every military service member takes an oath and agrees to the possibility of the ultimate sacrifice…only after being completely informed and well aware of what might be requested by our nation in a time of war. 

There is a much larger number among us in our society that also know the true cost and weight of sacrifice. These men and women know it full well, (much like military service members that follow orders to foreign lands and enforce national interests). 
These sacrificial public servants know that there is no foretelling when a criminal will act, or when the deadly fire will break out…but the police officer and firefighter are in a sacred agreement with society in those moments. These professions submit them to go face those situations, in a moments notice…to do battle against these things, and possibly give their lives…the ultimate sacrifice. All of our society should support them with respectful thoughts, prayers, and funds. I feel that these men and women are most noble and deserve my unending respect and support. I have fought for them, and they fight for me. 

However, from where I sit, there is a distinct difference in these occupations (Law Enforcement or Firefighter versus Military Service Member). It’s not in the level of salary, or hazards inherent in their roles…death is always the accepted risk in both. Rather, it’s in the responsibility (or current lack there of) in our society to maintain awareness and accountability for the leadership that they have placed in power over our Military. These appointed officials (with little credentials or conscience) are willingly sending military men and women of every branch into the situations in which they will be asked to honor the ultimate deal…without any way to define progress or achieve victory, for the last 16 years!

The Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, and Marine actually render over their rights in choosing to obey these orders that are without ultimate definition. The sacred responsibility issued to the undeserved wealthy few that have disregarded our constitution and recklessly acted on behalf of our poorly informed republic is ignorance personified. They are continually asking the ultimate price from a precious few, and these officials on either side of the aisle are unable to describe what they are accomplishing. 

As a free people, we have a sacred requirement to ensure that the priceless cost of young American lives are given when there is no other option but to take up arms and face our threats on the field of battle…this is how a grateful nation truly honor’s the ultimate sacrifice given by our greatest and most precious resources. 

Our nation’s apathetic ignorance of the current failed wars and continued support of the leaders who contributed to this situation is one of the largest struggles I face in finding my way home. I love my country…but I hate what we are becoming.

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