We didnt put on any miles today, but we did find eachother again.  One of our readers made a comment on one fo the posts about June 1st.  He shared his thoughts about all of the changes that we had gone through in just the past few days.  The rythym was broken, and though it seemed good, and was good in many respects, it left us all a little jostled and out of tune.  

It was so nice to be able to take warm showers after having been so cold and wet for the past few days.  We all slept really really well, and woke up in peace. 

The breakfast that we were looking forward to was nothing but cereal, but it was good none the less.  We used every single bit of our time in the hotel room. And then we started to hike back toward town.  Ryan was expecting an important phone call at 2:30, so we figured we would stay put until that phone call came in, since signal is never guaranteed out here. 

We started to hitch hike, when Greg from Maple Valley Design and Build saw us and flagged us over to his office.  He was surprised to see us, since he had just been reading our blog the night before.  It is a crazy little world.  Well, he was awesome and let us store all of our packs at his office, so that we would not have to carry them with us all day.  

They were not too stinky, I dont think, but we have gone nose numb to most smells. 

Greg and one of the other members of his team, John, drove us to town.  Ryan found out that he had been a Blackhawk pilot in the Army.  They laughed a bit and we went on our way.  It was so nice to have met him. 

We stopped at EMS and bought some bug nets.  These will certainly help keep the bugs at bay.  We hopped on over to Price Chopper where we bought some stuff for lunch.  Now, my fingers were too greasy to snap a pictures, but imagine seven of us sitting in a little alcove of a shopping plaza devouring 2 rotisserie chickens, a dozen Hawaiian rolls, a bag of tortilla chips with a tub of guacamole, a bag of salt and vinegar chips, an entire package of Oreo cookies, and five bananas. Oh, lets not forget the 32 oz. Gatorades. Yes… hungry hikers can eat some food!

Well, after lunch, we stopped over at McDonalds, because Ryan wanted a coffee.  And we made it there just before the sky opened up and drenched the soggy earth again. 

We finished up some things like paying our bills, and finding a way to get Taylors iPod warranty enacted… all of the things that we take for granted when we are at home with cars, computers, and printers.  

After the rain stopped we went down town to the outfitter to get Belle another bowl.  I think that we have left behind atleast 3 or 4.  Hopefully, we will not lose this one.  And while we were there, I was wearing my worn out Darn Tough socks.  It was awesome to find out that the had a sock exchange program, so that I could just take off my semi-clean but definitively warn out socks, and leave the store with a bright turquoise brand new pair!  They were also helpful in directing us to where we could ship Taylors iPod from… so we headed to the iShip.  They very kindly let me print out the forms and the label and sent it all away for us. 

We redeemed the free ice cream cones that a kind woman had given us the day before.  Ben and Jerrys was amazing ice cream, and hit the spot!

We didn’t have so much luck hitching a ride back to our packs… I guess that the packs are the part that catches everyone’s eye, so we walked the 2 miles and then when we got there found a nice surprise left by Greg and his team!  Pizza!!!

And as soon as we started to eat the pizza it started raining buckets again!!!  It was so nice that we had made it to the building before it rained since most of us did not have our rain coats with us. 

Greg returned and offered to take us back to the trail head.  We all took a picture, but it is on Ryan’s phone, so Ill have to add it later.  Greg was awesome, and his kindness played a huge part in the “rest” part of our day. 

We got back to the trail head at about 5:30.  We had planned to hike just a couple of miles, but decided it was Ok to just set up right where we were and tack on those miles to another day.

We are going to find our rythym again.  We are all committed to this journey, and more importantly to eachother. 

Happy Trails, The Thru Crew

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