What do you think of when you think of nature, or the woods, or the eco-system? The hopefull optimist would say, “Life and growth.” The pecimist would say, “Decay and decomposition.” What I have learned is that there is both life and death in nature. And that they are both beutiful.

As I was walking through through the woods I came up to a grove of once leafy trees that were turned into black, charred corpses of their former selves. The ground was covered in soot and the only thing seemingly unaffected by the fire was the trail on which I stood. There was a thick fog all around, limiting the visibility to 50 yards down the trail. It was one the most astoundingly beautiful things I have ever seen. The beuty I saw there is hard to put into words. Maybe it was that all of the char and ash would soon turn into a grove of trees teeming with life. Or maybe it was that something so dead and burnt could make me feel so alive. Something to think about, I guess.

And where is death, life will follow. There are already flowers budding in new beds of green moss. The trees are sprouting new leaves and birds are making there homes in them. Life will always  come again, no matter how bad the situation is.

So, that’s my reflection of the last fe weeks in the woods. It’s crazy how many lessons you can learn if you open your eyes and obverve what’s around you. And I feel that the observations are just beggining. 

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