We woke up this morning today warm at Ms. Jane’s house.  We cannot even express how glad we are that we did not have to spend the night on the mountain last night!!! 

We made a scrumptious hot breakfast of egg and sausage scramble and biscuits.  So yummy!  During breakfast we were able to visit some more with Mr. Kenny.  He is from around these parts, and full of stories to boot.  We learned all about chentille mushrooms and some sort of garlic on steroids that grows on sides of mountains up here.  He told about his rides on his horse through these mountains and his Blue Heeler named Mo.  His accent is thick and native to the Georgia mountains.  Now please try to imagine a sweet little African girlie trying to imitate his accent!  It was so funny, and had all of us laughing!

After breakfast, we enjoyed getting to know Ms. Jane a little more.  You know she must be an angel to invite our crew of seven, and Belle, to come and stay in her home.  We all discussed the weather on the mountain and decided we would stay here until Friday.  By doing so, we will also get the chance to meet her husband, Bill, who will arrive home on Thursday.  

Ms. Jane allowed us to use her truck for the afternoon, so we headed into Blue Ridge on mission to find gloves!!! We found a place called Blue Ridge Mountain Outfitters.  They not only had gloves, but they were 20% off!!! We are certain these ones will be warm enough!

After finding gloves, we meandered through the little town.  Blue Ridge is a quaint little town with unique shops and plenty of options to grab a bite to eat.  It is a town definitely  worth visiting if you are in the area.

After leaving Blue Ridge, the kids voted to eat  Dairy Queen for lunch.  There are a few restaurants that the kids have enjoyed near the bases where we once were stationed.  DQ is one such place that we do not have near us, so DQ it was.

There is this crazy apple orchard here named Merciers.  It is HUGE!  Their store is chock full of all kinds of tasty treats.  We left with apple cider donuts (for breakfast in the morning).

The orchard is breath-taking!

We enjoyed some of Jeri Lynn’s cooking for dinner with a large pot of minestrone soup.  She really enjoyed cooking in a real kitchen.  

And with that our day came to an end.  

We cannot get over how our disappointment to leave the trail has become such an amazing part of our journey.  We would have missed so much had the weather not rolled in.  We are going to return to the trail with rested bodies, warmed bellies, and full hearts.

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