It was a super muddy morning!  It rained something fierce. The tents did great at keeping us dry, but it’s never really all that fun packing up soggy tents.  

We had a great water source nearby which made doing dishes super easy, so we opted for hot breakfast and coffee to warm us up before setting out.  

It must have been 11:30 before we were on our way.  We set off in rain gear and layers, but it was not too long before we were shedding layers, eventually changing to shorts or shortsleeves!  What a difference a few days has made!

We discovered one of our favorite lunches… Ritz crackers, pepperoni, and cheese!!! Yum!!!

As we came down the mountain into the gap, we experienced trail side trail magic  for the first time!!!  Obo-hobo, who did a flip flop hike of the AT in ’12-’13, was greeting hikers with cold sodas, tangerines, snickers, and crackers!

Obo-hobo, in the gray sweatshirt, speaking with the Germans, with the bright blue packs

Even more fun were expressions on the Germans faces when Obo-hobo started speaking in German! It was so cool! 

We continued on our way… 

We stopped at Justus Creek to fill water and while we were there we decided to eat dinner.  Red beans and rice in tortillas… So good! We sent the kids ahead to Gooch Gap, while we cleaned up the dishes.   

Along our way we witnessed some beautiful views and some wild vegetation.

When we arrived at camp, we were met by Tony Bonez!  He showed us where our kids had set up the tents, and introduced us to the scores of people hanging out!  Apparently we found ourselves in  the midst of a St. Patricks Day (weekend) hikers reunion, and more trail magic!!! 

Our family devoured a rotisserie chicken, and a whole mess of snacks and gatorade!  We enjoyed listening to the stories of other hikers.  We met a man hiking coast to coast, some warriors hiking with Warrior Hike, a man named Peaches, who might have convinced Ryan to hike in a kilt this summer, and Ms. Janet, who has been spreading Trail Magic for over 20 years!!!  Those are just a few of the people we meet today. We have been having a blast, and completely understand why we are out here.

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