Everyone seems to be sleeping well.  We didn’t wake up until 8:30!  Maybe it was the freezing chill in the air that kept everyone in their sleeping bags.  I don’t know, but by the time we awoke many folks were gone.

Peaches, Ms. Janet, and a few others were still hanging around, slowly packing up.  We enjoyed the donuts that we were given!  They took our trash with them, which is a huge help.  It’s nice not to have to carry it with us.  

This is Ms. Janet’s Trail Magic van. The horn plays “It’s a small world”

Ms Janet gives great hugs!!!


After we got on our way, the weather warmed quickly and we enjoyed more beautiful views.

A few hours after hiking, we came into Woody Gap, where we are met with MORE TRAIL MAGIC!!! A local church popped up a tent, fired up a grill and passed out hotdogs, chili, and soda!  

​We also ran into the founder of Warrior Expeditions, Sean Gobin.  This was a real treat for us because his story really inspired us.  There are ten warriors hiking the AT this year, because of the organization he founded after experiencing healing for himself by “walking of the war”.  

After a nice visit, we were back in the trail, and before we knew it we were talking in the beautiful views at the top of Preacher Rock.  Simply breath-taking.

We hiked past Lance Creek, and filed up or water bottles from a tiny trickle running down a crag in the mountain.

So far the Sawyer System we are using is working nicely.  

After getting water, we hiked a bit farther, and set up camp at the top of some mountain between Lance Creek and Jarrard Gap.  It was quiet… And by about 8:30… We are fast asleep.

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