All of the sudden I heard the backing up signal of a dump truck.  Why are they emptying dumpsters at 4 in the morning, I thought to myself… little did I know it was actually 7:30.  Only moments later my alarm sounded.  Deep sleep!!!  We all awoke refreshed, a little sore, but ready to get going again. 

After an all-you-can-eat breakfast, we loaded into the shuttle van, provided by the Baymont Inn, and headed back to the trail.  But first, we had to meet the trail angels that were passing out a morning round of Trail Magic, and a picture… a couple of us were trying to get Belle to look at the camera. Hmmm.

Friday was such a beautiful day for hiking.  The weather was everywhere, but beautiful nonetheless.  Everyones spirits were high, making the day really enjoyable. 

We pushed ourselves again.  We hiked almost 11 miles.  We landed at Addis Gap.  I cannot say that it was the wisest of choices.  We all arrived at the tent site with every inch of our bodies writhing in pain, and exhausted from the relentless up and down of the trail.  

Taylor and Ryan went to gather water, while I made dinner, and the other four gathered firewood for a fire.  It was so relaxing to sit by the warm fire.  We shared the fire with a friend we had met earlier named Wes!  He’s a warrior hiking the Appalachian Trail as a part of Warrior Expeditions.  The conversation was hilarious.  Watching the boys interact with Ryan and Wes, you’d think we have known him for years!  We laughed so hard, had a great conversation and solved all the world’s problems, before retiring to our tents!  

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