Good Morning!!! Bright and early we woke up and got all packed up.  We needed to get stepping because we had plans to get to Dicks Creek and met up with our friends, the Johnson Family.  We were stationed together in Germany and then again at Fort Campbell.  It’s been way too long since we have seen eachother.  

When we arrived at Dicks Creek Gap, we again ran into our friend Aaron and also caught up to Wes.  There was a bit of trail magic.  Fresh fruit is always a blessing!!!

Ryan and fellow veteran, Wes.

While we were waiting for Kirsten to arrive, Kole serenaded everyone with his ukulele, and had everyone listening sign it.  We all thought he was a little weird to carry his instrument with him on the trail, but honestly, it’s so fun to listen to him. 

Just before Kirsten arrived, our trail angel friends, Farmer Jim and his wife, Pat, pulled into the parking lot with lots of yummy treats.  Really, I think I want to be like them when we grow up… Driving around passing out magic to weary hikers, essentially giving them a boat that might just keep them moving toward their dreams, one foot infront on the other.  The trail angels we have met, remind us that there are good people or there in the world.  The opportunity to talk to people face to face is a beautiful experience.  I think this is one of the best parts of being out here… Meeting people and engaging in conversations about life with one another… With eye contact and voices.  I think this is being lost these days.

Kirsten arrived, and it was so much fun to see eachother again!  While we were trying to pack all of our bags into her van, Farmer Jim offered to take three of us to Enota.  Could not have worked out more perfectly!  When our kids met, it was as if our children have known eachother all of their lives!  

And our packages!!! Thanks to the Batson’s, we were able to scrub away the stink, and enjoy a homemade treat!  Thank you!!! We love and miss you guys!

The kids ran around, played ball, jumped on the trampoline, and played all sorts of games!  We talked and talked, and it was as if we had seen eachother only a week ago.  That is one of the benefits of having served in the military… Our friends are all over the world, and our experiences have bonded us together in unique and tight ways!

It was about 11:30, by the time we decided to call it a night!!!

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