We all started moving at about 8am.  Everything was wet from all of the rain over the weekend… But we started the process of getting ready to go back to the trail.  Really I wish that time could stand still.  I really enjoyed our time away from the trail, and with friends that are familiar.  

Finding balance between work and rest, between the doing and the being was hard for me.  Laundry must be done, but I just wanted to sit.  Resupplying food bags had to be priority of we were to succeed this week, but again I wanted to focus all attention on my dear friend infront of me.  

It took a couple of hours to sort through everything and pack up all of the packs… Then it was time to go!

The kids had so much fun!!! Seriously, look at those smiles!

Kirsten drove is back to the trail, and as we were pulling in the Dooby Brothers were thumbing a ride into Hiawassee, so Kirsten became an unexpected trail angel, and have them a ride. The trail is filled with all sorts of unexpected twists and turns.

We said farewell and started to put our packs on our backs when a van for the Top of Georgia Hostel pulled in.  We made a split decision, and soon we were all loaded into the van heading to the hostel.  We took the last seven bunks! 

At 4 pm, a shuttle took us to Hiawassee, where we ate at this completely strange all-you-can-eat buffet. 

With full bellies we headed back to the hostel.  As we were getting ready for bed, the lightening and thunder started to fill the night sky.  We were so happy that we were nestled warm and dry in our bunks.

Each day out here is an adventure.  Sometimes we know where we will land and others we do not.  Opportunities to practice flexibility are proving to be valuable to this experience, and it seems that these opportunities will be plentiful.  

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