We slept so soundly at the hostel.  At 7:15, we went to the dining room and enjoyed an all-you-can-eat cereal bar.  It may not sound glamorous, and really is not, but cereal with cold milk over it is just something you don’t get very often while on the trail.  We listened to an informative chat by Sir Packs-A-Lot.  He talked about all sorts of trail myths and statistics.  The one thing he said that stuck out to me the most was about all the things one can see just off the trail, if only they will slow down.  He encouraged the wanna be thru hikers to slow down and just enjoy the journey.  I needed to be reminded of this.  

The trail is filled with rocks and roots.  It is so easy to go a mile, even two without really looking up.  We are all trying harder to stop, look, and listen to the nature that surrounds us.

At Dicks Creek Gap, ready to start hiking again.

We had an awesome start to the day, hiking 5.6 miles before lunch!

The weather was beautiful.  After so much rain, we welcome the sun and its warmth!

Before we knew it, we had crossed the Georgia line into North Carolina. 

Now for some trail honesty… This journey is about growing, right? Seven broken people on a journey to come together and heal means that there are going to be moments that are not always pretty.  See that sarcastic and forced smile on mommas face? Well, at this exact moment, we moved out of  Georgia and the glorious honeymoon phase of the adventure, and into North Carolina and the reality of this adventure.  Five of the seven of us engaged in conflict.  The conflict started when we tried to get all of us into the frame of the picture, but it had nothing to do with the picture.  The feelings expressed stem from years of hiding emotions and avoiding them at all cost.  When there are walls and different schedules and activity, this was possible, but out here, straight up unavoidable.  We had to sit and listen to one another, accept differing opinions, ask forgiveness, accept forgiveness, and trust the process of healing.  We are growing and healing… One step at a time!

After dealing with the issues at hand, we made our way to Bly Gap, set up tents, made dinner, and relaxed!  Kole serenaded us with the ukulele… And by 8:30 we are off to sleep.

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