It was hard to get going this morning.  I woke up feeling sick to my stomach at about 2:30 am and stayed nauseous most of the day.  I just hoped and prayed I was not going to start vomiting out here.  I think that is my very worst nightmare.  One can’t just stay on the side of the mountain all day though, so we packed up slowly and stepped out.

By lunch, I was feeling a little better… We stopped for awhile and just rested in the sun.

These mountains are no joke.  I was telling Ryan that the very worst thing someone can do is watch YouTube videos of people hiking on the Appalachian Trail.  Like on Facebook, they never include the worst moments, like when they feel like they just want to keel over and die!  Going up. Going down!  Up! Up more! Down! Grueling is to kind a word!  

Then out of no where… A sign like this appears! Everyone started laughing.  Ryan insisted that he take my picture here.  I was happy the sign was not labeled “Gal Blowing Chunks Trail”!

I think we hiked nine miles or so.  We were going to hike a little further, but when we reached Deep Gap, where Granny and Old Goat were handing out dinner and promised pancakes for breakfast, we decided to put up our tents.

I wasn’t really hungry and was still not feeling 100% myself, so I headed off to bed at 6:30.  Ryan and the kids stayed to visit with all of the other hikers that were congregating around the food.

Strangers from all walks of life become friends out here in the woods.  Strangers become angels out here when they set out to help a hiker, having no clue who they are, knowing they won’t be able to give anything back in return.  It’s a mystery! 

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