We woke up at seven! Everyone wanted to start chowing down on some pancakes.  They were amazing!  Have you ever tried grits with eggs, sausage, and cheese?  Is a southern thing.  Not too bad.  It was better than another granola bar for sure!

After breakfast, we started picking our way up the mountain.  It was so eerie.  The fog was so thick!  We are hiking through territory that the fires ravaged through last fall.  

A few hours after we started hiking the sun found its way through the dense fog.  It warmed up nicely.

We enjoyed lunch by a creek, filled up or water bottles and kept trucking along!  We’ve met such interesting people along the way, to include many other veterans.  It’s been great to hear their stories.  We realize now and more that we are not alone on the journey to find our way home.  

We were feeling good mid-afternoon, so we decided to hike past Albert Mountain Firestower.  Before we  took on that beast though we decided to stop and have dinner near a really great water source.  

Dinner was red beans and rice with tortillas.  While waiting for dinner to be done, Ava and  Zoey braided Ryan and Taylor’s hair.  It was hilarious!

Ryan looks so enthused, doesn’t he?  Well, we ate dinner, and got on our way!  It wasn’t long before we hit a huge milestone… 100 miles down!  

Albert Mountain was no joke!!! Oh my word!!! It was pretty intense.  We decided to tackle it at the end of the day because there was NO WAY we wanted to face it first thing in the morning.  We knew that weather was doing in so we found a place to set up our texts just past the mountain.  No sooner than we zipped the tents shut, the rain started falling… And with that our longest, most challenging day came to an end.  We passed 100 miles, our first 15+ mile day, and Mount Albert.  

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