We love our tents!!! After ten hours of torrential downpour, we woke up to dry tents!!!  Packing up at wet gear isn’t really all that much fun, but we knew we were in for a real treat if we got moving.  

Remember when we set the record for most boxes delivered to Neel’s Gap? Well they posted or picture to their instagram feed.  A follower of theirs, Jamie Dunlap, happened to see our picture and started following our journey.  He hiked the trail in 1989, and for whatever reason decided to reach out to us and let us know he’d help in any way possible.  About a week ago, we asked if he’d get us from Unicoi Gap to Helen.  He and his son picked us up, watched us devour food from Wendy’s, and delivered is to the Baymont Inn.  Before leaving, he told us he’d like to meet up with us again.  A couple of days later, he invited us to be picked up from the trail and to stay at their home for the night.  Seriously? Who does things like this anymore?

Well, we packed up camp as quickly as possible, and by 11am we are at Rock Gap pulling all of our stuff and our stinky selves into a van with Jamie!  We stopped by the past office, picked up resupply packages, and headed to Clayton, GA for some Chick-fil-A.

After eating way too much food, we headed to the Dunlap’s home.  We unloaded our stinky stuff, hung the tents out to dry and aired out all of the gear.  Then showers and relaxing!  They have this AMAZING front porch… And I totally took advantage of reading on the little couch on it.

We had already met their son, Samuel, when they took us to Helen.  But we finally got to meet Jamie’s awesome wife Jennifer, and their daughter, Carol.  Ryan and I enjoyed great conversation with Jamie and Jennifer, and all of the kids had a great time hanging out with one another.  

We all ate to our hearts content, and had a great time getting to know the Dunlap Family, before climbing into bed… 

We knew that this journey was going to be amazing, but we never knew that it would be this amazing.  The level of hospitality and generosity that this family has shown us has challenged us to think about how we love others and care for others without expecting anything in return.  Do we live life in a way that we risk opening or home to people we have never met to meet needs they might not know they had?  Meeting this family has had a profound impact on all of us… Thank you so much!!! 

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