Rain, rain, go away! We took yet another zero day.  As the reason came down in sheets, we hung out at Miss Janet’s house.  

Ryan and Deacon Dave worked on Miss Janet’s van.  They fixed her air conditioner, and along with a couple of other mechanically inclined hikers got her horn working.  It now makes a very distinct A-ooo-gah sound!  It’s pretty awesome!

Miss Janet let the kids paint her trail angel wings on the front of her van. 

Belle enjoyed the freshly mowed grass in the backyard!

We went to Walmart and picked up some groceries to make Shepherds Pie, and came back to make some serious food for all of the hikers staying at the house.  The Shepherds Pie had 12 pounds of hamburger, 4 large cans of green beans, 8 regular cans of creamed corn, 20 pounds of potatoes and 4 cups of cheese.  Well, by the end of the night, nearly the entire thing was gone.

It was a quiet but productive rest day.  We were able to facetime with our friends Paul and Stacy Cassidy.    They surprised is with an Amazon Gift card… It was perfectly timed as we received it just as we were making plans to order Taylor’s travel guitar.  We loved seeing our friends and cannot wait to see them when we make our way into the Shenandoah mountains.

The late afternoon turned beautiful. So we decided to put up the tents in the backyard. 

We are learning to enjoy whatever it is that comes our way, and we seek out opportunities to give back when we are able.  Seeing Miss Janet’s face light up at the sound of her horn, and the feeling of frigid air flowing quietly through her vents made it a wonderful day!

Happy Trails ~ The Thru Crew 

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