Our weekend at home went by so quickly.  Thursday we surprised some friends, and our family by just showing up!  It was awesome to see Maple again.  We have missed her so much!

Friday morning we slept in.  Our beds are so comfy!  We made a huge breakfast, and saw Ryan’s parents for a bit before Ryan and I headed over to Biddeford, Maine to visit the Hyperlite facility, while all of the kids went to the movies with their friends.

We had such a great time at Hyperlite!  Their facility is amazing.  Every product is manufactured right there, by hand.  It was awesome to see how everything is made step by step, even more awesome that we are now able to use packs and a new tent on the next leg of our journey.  Thank you Hyperlite!

When we got back home, we enjoyed dinner with Grammie, Grandpa, Uncle Jon, Aunt Amy and our beautiful neice, Abby.  She is getting so big!  

Saturday, we hung out at home getting our gear ready to go, doing laundry, visiting with our neighbor, and we went to Frekey’s for ice-cream.  It is just not right to go a summer without visiting atleast once.  I had a strawberry sundae in honor of my mom.

After ice-cream, Ryan took the kids to see some of their friends and caught up with some of our friends as well.  I stayed at home and took a nap… Definitely not something I frequently can do out here.

Sunday we went to church!  It was so nice to see so many of our friends and to worship with them.  We have only had opportunity to go to church twice since we’ve been on the trail, and though it has been a blessing, there is nothing like being with your own church family.

After church, we visited with more friends, Ryan’s parents and Grandma.  We had a great time… All the while preparing to get back to the trail.  

This morning, we woke up, ate a huge breakfast, put the finishing touches on our packing and headed out the door (much later than we had hoped).  

We had originally planned to start at Greylock, but decided to start just easy of Bennington, VT.  We ate lunch at Five Guys, and made it to the trail at about 4:30.  We only hiked about 2 miles, but made it in time to set up a tent for the boys, while the girls, Ryan and I settled into the shelter.

It is so good to be back on the trail, back into the woods, listening to the rain fall, and the frogs singing their songs.  It is much cooler here than it was down south, but we are prepared.  Tomorrow we have a long day ahead of us.  We plan to hike nearly 18 miles.
Happy Trails ~ The Thru Crew 

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