It is only 6:30 pm, and we are already hunkered down for the night.  Our first day back on the trail has been filled with trials.  I had a hard time staying asleep last night, at about 2am I was finally able to get our update posted to the internet.  I finally fell back to sleep and not long afterwards, Ryan woke me up.  He thought that he was hearing mice in the shelter.  I thought that it was the rain and tried to fall back asleep.  The scratching sounds became louder and more consistent.  I realized that the sound we were hearing was coming from the same place that my bag was located.  I shook the bag, shined the flashlight in the area, but did not see anything.  The noice did cease though.  I finally was able to fall back asleep. 

We slept until about 7:45 this morning.  I think I was able to stay asleep that long because I was so tired from listening to the mice and hoping that they were not into our stuff.  Well, we finally got up, and low and behold… they had gotten into my bag, chewed a hole in one of the stuff sacks and eaten many of our Juice Plus supplements.  They broke some of the capsules open.  Now my bag smells like a fruit salad.  Well, that was my fault for leaving them in my bag, so I just had to move on.  Then we lowered our food bags that were hung so that bears and the like would not be able to reach the food.  Ninja mice, I swear!  Maybe a squirrel… but regardless, whatever it was gnawed a gaping hole through another bag, and ate 1000 calories of Belles food!  How in the world would something so small eat something like that and not keel over, right there?  So, our morning began mice 2 – humans 0… not cool. 

We got moving along the trail.  It is SO wet!  And cold!  It was nice to be safely out of a certain temperature point when we were in the south, safe from the threat of freezing temps, frostbite and the like.  Well, we are definitively back in that zone now.  

I wish that I could report that is was an incredible past 24 hours, that we were loving every moment, and so glad that we were back out on the trail… but I just cant.  Today is hard, and to make it harder, home is so close.  We are soaked through and through.  We each have a set of dry clothes that we put on when we got here to the shelter, but we are going to have to put on our freezing wet clothes in the morning… because the forecast is for more rain.  I think that we are all dreading that prospect. 

Again we did not get as far as we had planned, but the rain had the trail a slippery muddy mess.  The rain falling made it even more difficult, so we decided to hunker down in the first shelter that we came to.  We will do our best to pick up the miles, once the trail dries out… oh, I hope that it dries out. 

Here are a few pictures from the day…

Here’s to not quitting on a bad day.  Happy Trails. ~ The Thru Crew

I cannot leave the post without sharing atleast one positive thing…. We were given some Hungry Hiker meals to tryout… Dinner tonight was simply awesome!  It tasted like food that we would eat at home, which is totally hard to find for hiker dinners. Thank you so much Hungry Hiker for providing us a great meal to end an otherwise crummy day!

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