“Before the deed comes the thought. Before the achievement comes the dream. Every mountain we climb we first climb in our minds.” -Royal Robins

Today is March twenty-seventh. I’ve been in Georgia for two weeks. I’ve been outside in the sun, the rain, the hail, and the snow. I’ve been living the dream. 

Our family had been dreaming of this trip for an entire year. It started out as a “Oh, that would be cool” thing and it quickly turned into watching documentaries, following other people’s blogs, and looking at gear. We hadn’t decided that we were going to attempt a through hike, but we were hooked on the idea. Then the backpacks were bought, clothes were ordered, and the Thru Crew was going to take on the trail.

But… I had my doubts. There was something about packing up and leaving that didn’t sit well with me. I didn’t want to pack up and leave my home again. I’ve done it time and time again, but this was different. I have real friends and family in New Hampshire, ones that weren’t going to move away in two years. It was me who was leaving… for 6 months. I didn’t like it.

The more I thought about it the more my perspective changed. The thought of the adventure and the freedom was amazing. The many people I’d meet on the way and amount of the U.S. I’d be able to see up close and personal made me rethink the way I perceived the trail. It wasn’t leaving home for 6 months, I was finding a new one every night.

So that’s my dream. I get to be with my family and friends I make on the way. I get to share a fire with people of all shapes and sizes. I get to know what the phrase “Home is where your heart is” really means. I hope I never wake up.

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