"Thank You" from the Thru Crew

Each of you has helped build a bridge from dreams to reality!

Darn Tough Socks

We challenge you to find a tougher sock!  Darn Tough guarentees every pair that they make, unconditionally, FOR LIFE.  Added bonus, they are made in Vermont, USA!  Made of merino wool, these socks are the most comfortable, durable, and best fitting sock you’ve ever worn!  We have tested and abused our Darn Tough socks, and we are confident that our feet will be ready for the great feat they are about to undergo!  Thank you!


TurboPUP is one amazing, veteran-owned company!  Every bar of food is made with love, and human grade, premium ingredients.  These bars are lightweight and nutrient dense, making them an awesome choice for Belle’s nutrition needs as we hike the trail, and beyond!!!  TurboPUP is fanatical about excellent customer service, going above and beyond to help Belle make it all the way to Katahdin.  Thank you for your trail support!


Delilah Smith – Consultant
We have often been asked how we are going to keep clean while we are on the trail.  Well, clean is a relative term, but with our Norwex cloths we will be able to wash away our dirt, grime, and germs.  With BacLock technology, these cloths will self-purify and inhibit odors from bacteria, mold and mildew growth.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear


“Carry as little as possible, but choose that little with care.” ~ Earl Shaffer.  It took much research to find a tent suitable for our trek, but nothing could have prepared us for when we were introduced to Hyperlite Mountain Gear.  Thanks to the generosity of this company, Ryan and I were outfitted with near weightless packs, and the kids now have an amazingly large and lite tent to sleep in.  We love that their company hand manufactures all of their products right in Biddeford, Maine.



Smartwool.  We are so excited to be hitting the trail outfitted in Smartwool clothing.  Made of quality merino wool, their clothing is truly itch-free, moisture wicking, odor-reducing and anti-microbial.  Even when wet (and from what we understand that will be 50% of our time on the trail) Smartwool keeps you warm.  Thank you Smartwool for “going far” with us!











Hungry Hikers


Nutrition is key for keeping us all healthy and moving!!!  Hungry Hikers mission is to produce light-weight, innovative, delicious tasting meals.  Umm… yes… we are more than excited to have Hungry Hikers support us along the traill.  Best news for the “Thru Crew” they make a mad Shepherd’s Pie (which happens to be our favorite!)  Thank you Hungry Hikers!!!












For nearly a year, we have been researching and gathering gear of all sorts.  We’ve exhaustively gathered information about nutrition on the trail, for all of us, to include Belle.  We have purchased the vast majority of our gear on our own.  A few companies, however, have generously donated a few items, or have extended discounts that will enable us to use their products.

Occasionally, we will write about the gear we are using, or the food that we are eating.  Unless a post contains the words “sponsored” or “product review”, you can assume that we are writing about that product for the pure love of the item, and that we purchased that item on our own!

We promise this:  all the opinions and words on the blog represented as our own are, in fact, our own.  If someone else writes content for us, we will tell you that, too!

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