We had a wonderful week of rest in sunny and warm Florida.  We flew to Florida on March 5th, from New Hampshire.  

At first we had planned to take the train to Georgia, but after finding really inexpensive tickets on Southwest we decided to fly.  I don’t regret that at all.  We had such an amazing time with family.  We were able to just relax some, swim a lot, and unthaw!

Check out our Facebook page to see more pictures from our time in Florida. 

This morning, we drove to the Orlando airport, hopped on over to Atlanta, then took a train to the North Springs Station.  We were greeted by an amazing man named Duffy, who drove us to the Hiker Hostel.  He even obliged our request to eat Chick-fil-A for our last dinner before starting our hike tomorrow.  

The  Hiker Hostelis an amazing place!  What a way to spend your final night in a bed (for a long time).  Josh and Leigh, the owners, hiked the trail in 2000, and came up with a vision to facilitate the transportation from the airport/train station to the trail, with an amazing place to catch some good sleep and a hot shower before hitting the trial the following day.  

We’ve been told breakfast is at 7:30am SHARP, and since we are losing an hour of sleep tonight, we are out of here…

***Apparently, we’re experiencing more of those pesky technical difficulties uploading pictures… we will figure it out… but in the meantime, sleep well… and don’t forget to turn back your clocks. 

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