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Thank You!


We cannot even begin to express our gratitude to everyone who has supported us as we have prepared to set off on the trail.  So many have asked how they can support us along the way… a simple answer is that we would love to hear from you.  Letters will be so appreciated.  Many of our friends and famiy have asked if they can send boxes.  Well, the simple answer… Yes.  But since we have to carry everything in our packs, it would be very hard for us if several of our friends and family members decided to send boxes to one location.  To keep from having to leave things that we cannot carry, we have set up a system where the love will be evenly spread along the trail.  We expect to stop to resupply about 30 times.  For those who would like to support us, but don’t want to send a box, gift cards will be greatly appreciated, or you can simply donate to our PayPal account at 


There are no words that can express the gratitude we have for each of you!




What should you include in the boxes?


There are a couple of terms we are going to introduce you to.  First, Zero Days.  These are days where we will not hike at all.  Everyone needs to rest once in awhile.  Second are Nero Days.  These are days when we will plan to hike only a couple of miles, in order to reach the place where we will be able to shower, do laundry, connect with family, charge our devices, and chill for a little while.  In order to minimize the cost of shuttles, or “hitch-hiking” (can you even imagine someone picking up a family of seven smelly hikers and a dog?), we have found places that keep us on the trail, while giving us a break from hiking.




Letters and packages sent to us will be of great encouragement!!!  The boxes that you send to us will be fondly referred to as “Trail Magic”!  Everything in the boxes will be what make our Zero/Nero Days glorious.  We will pick up packages first thing when we arrive at the resupply point.   Items for showers (travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash for him, body wash for her, disposable razors), laundry detergent pods or travel size laundry detergent packets (for 3 loads of very dirty laundry), and snacks for muching while rotating through showers and doing laundry (homemade rice crispy treats, microwave popcorn, homemade cookies, peanut m&m’s) will be greatly appreciated.  These things will be plenty to make our day sweet!  If you want to add an additional something, check out the drop location and see what is around and do as you desire!  Everything in the box will be greatly appreciated!!!


Extra Items That Will Be Appreciated BUT Not Expected



iTunes Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards

Walmart Gift Cards

Subway Gift Cards

McDonalds Gift Cards

Hotel Gift Cards


How this ‘BOX’ thing will work




 Once we know where we will plan to resupply, our trail boss will add addresses to the right column.  If you don’t really care where you send the box… but know that you want to send a box on a certain week… (we will stop at least once a week – usually only once a week)… you can email Alicen that you would like box #xx. Otherwise, once the new addresses are listed, the first person to email Alicen will get a confirmation email, and your name will be added to the right of the box number.  Thank you so much for your support!  

Let Alicen aka "the Trail Boss" know you'd like to send a box!

9 + 13 =



*To insure that we receive your letters and boxes, please mail them at least 10 days (priority boxes no more than one week) in advance of the ETA date, and address them how each address is listed.


Please also let the Trail Boss or us know that you have sent boxes/cards so that we know to look/ask for them.


BOX #11 (Sheryl & Paul G.) ETA JULY 3rd, 2017

AT Hikers Ryan & Jeri Lynn Owen

C/O Shaw’s Hiker Hostel

17 Pleasant Street

Monson, ME 04464

BOX #12 (Jennifer O.) ETA JULY 7th, 2017

AT Hikers Ryan & Jeri Lynn Owen

C/O Northern Outdoors

1771 Route 201

The Forks, ME 04985


BOX #13 (Enlisted Professional Military Education, USMC)

AT Hikers Ryan & Jeri Lynn Owen

C/O Steve Lynch (Fatherman Hiker Hut)

2 Pine Road

Sandy River Plt., ME 04970


BOX #14 (Autumn W.)


BOX #15 (Jamie C.)








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